Lewa Union Silk Wrap


An elegant double sided silk wrap measuring 50 cm wide and 200 cm long. It is digitally printed using environmentally-friendly process on 35 g per m2 weight Habotai silk. Lovely drape and versatile styling. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Lewa Union is an African design celebrating unusual species, ants and termites – tiny superheroes – and the species that depend on them.






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These double-sided scarves are incredibly versatile working equally well in summer as a loose wrap or in winter as a scarf.

This design is based on the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory in Kenya. This incredible place was a cattle ranch 40 years ago and has been transformed by the Craig family into one of the most successful private wildlife conservation initiatives in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a theme of myrmecophagous species that specialise in ants and termites. The species featured in this design include Jackson’s hornbill, termite mounds, a young aardwolf, A mother Temnick’s ground pangolin with her baby riding on her back, a colony of naked mole rats, a carpenter bee, and lucky beans tree, whistling thorn acacia (which has an incredible symbiosis with biting ants), and the full moon setting over Mount Kenya, as visible from Lewa.