Mercia Vines Silk Wrap


An elegant double sided silk wrap measuring 50 cm wide and 200 cm long. It is digitally printed using environmentally-friendly process on 35 g per m2 weight Habotai silk. Lovely drape and versatile styling. Dry cleaning is recommended.

A two-tone looping and whimsical design that celebrates English species of conservation interest.






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These double-sided scarves are incredibly versatile, working equally well in summer, as a loose wrap, or in winter, as a scarf.

The English Mercia collection is Susy Paisley’s tribute to one of the greatest
conservation parables ever written, The Lorax by Dr Seuss. The species in
the design are based on real world English equivalents of the imaginary
species that feature in the Lorax story – inhabiting the region of the ancient
kingdom of Mercia. The humming fish are represented by great crested
newts, the precious truffula trees are clover flowers whilst the playful
barballoots are the red squirrels. The bees which also feature in a
companion print are short-haired bumblebees – a wonderful conservation
success story as they were extinct in the UK but acres of flower-rich
meadows were planted in Kent, the bees were reintroduced and are now
thriving. Other flowers include several species of clover, Pheasant’s eye.
crested cowwheat, Stinking iris, whorled millifoil, Carthusian pinks, Herb Paris,
wintergreen and blossoms of a rare old English breed a apple.