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wp25A Carolina Parakeets Cream
wp25A Carolina Parakeets Cream
Carolina Parakeets Wallpaper

The Carolina Tree of Life collection celebrates the natural history of the
Carolinas in the American South, where biologist and designer Susy Paisley
spent much of her childhood. This design inspiration comes from free-flowing
17th Century tree of life prints. It depicts flora and fauna of the region
including: the extinct Carolina parakeet feeding on cockleburrs, and the
Monarch butterfly (whose milkweed dependent migratory life cycle is critically
endangered). Also present are carnivorous native plants such as the Venus
flytrap and the Mountain Sweet pitcher plant and wildflowers like the Devil’s
paintbrush, Grass of Parnassus and Gray’s lily. Flying creatures include a
Yellow-bellied sapsucker, a Luna moth and a Painted bunting. The black-
chinned red salamander is native to the southern Appalachians, which
have the greatest diversity of salamanders in the world.

Companion prints include Carolina Posies and Carolina Monarchs,
featuring details from this larger scale design.

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Aqua paramecium
WP Paisley Paramecium Aqua
Paisley Paramecium Wallpaper

Paisley Paramecium is a textile and wallpaper design celebrating the web of micro-organisms that forms the base of the pyramid of all life. The inspiration for this design was a play on the traditional tear-drop shape of the classic paisley motif resembling a unicellular organism called a paramecium.

The species in this design are aquatic, including many free-floating plankton upon whom the health of all marine creatures depends. Phytoplankton are also of serious conservation concern – warming oceans have caused population declines of 40% since 1950. Change is desperately needed in how we perceive our interconnectedness within, and dependence upon, the web of life.

As well as evoking droplets of water as well as using the conventions of the paisley design. It is also reminiscent of stitching and lace, as the fabric of nature is fragile and intricately interwoven and embellished. The colouration is quite free, and can be further expanded upon in the future, as many of these species are really transparent.

To learn more about the design, please check out the blog post.

(All colours are available on both paper bases and also at both scales, although we may not offer that specific sample. If your combo is not available, we suggest ordering the colour you want to get the process started. The samples are not very useful for the large scale, so we only offer Aqua, 37A, as a sample of the to give an idea of scale and the medium size for the rest to see the colours.) 

This is an eco-friendly Fine gicleé digitally-printed “real” wallpaper. It is printed in the UK on a natural non-woven cellulose-based substrate made from recycled materials – recycled polyester (PET) fibre and recycled wood pulp. The production process is solvent free with minimal waste and energy inputs.

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