Venus Flower Linen


Venus flower – Dionaea muscipula Venus fly traps are found in bogs which are low in the nutrients vital to plants like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These ingenious plants solve this problem by preying on beetles and spiders. (Flies are actually rarely consumed.) Their traps snap shut in less than 0.1 seconds. This most famous of all carnivorous plants described by Charles Darwin as “one of the most wonderful in the world” is native to the Carolinas in a small area around Wilmington. The blooms are rare, delicate and beautiful.

(NOTE: We are changing the pattern depicted here to make a flower like circular rotation of the smaller motif [as depicted in the cream photo] – will update the photos soon)

This design is part of The Beatrice Edit. With exquisite botanical detail, it builds upon the growing passion in interiors for honouring the natural world. Furthermore, for every roll of wallpaper sold, 100m2 of critical wild habitat is preserved through World Land Trust. Ten percent of profits will also go to support Rebuilding Together in Ukraine.


Colourways: Natural, and also available on Cream

Fabric type: Pure linen, from flax grown in France, woven and printed in the UK

Composition: 100% natural linen

These designs are available in natural pure linen of a medium weight of 250g or a heavyweight 450g bleached linen

Usage: Drapery and light upholstery

Care: Dry clean only

Pattern repeat: Straight

Horizontal/Vertical repeat: 9″ (22.86 cm) / 9″ (22.86 cm)

Printed width of fabric: 54″ (137.2 cm).

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Natural, Cream


Natural medium-weight, Bleached heavy-weight

Swatch or Meterage

Swatch, Meterage