Wallpaper Samples

We are delighted to send out samples of our wallpaper. Wallpaper samples are £1 each and they can be ordered by adding to the cart from the designs below. They will be sent out as soon as possible. Enquiries on info@newtonpaisley.com  Click here for more information on planning your wallpaper project and to determine how many rolls you will need.

Paisley Paramecium Collection

Paisley Paramecium is a design celebrating the micro-organisms that form the base of the pyramid of all life.The inspiration for this design was a play on the traditional tear-drop shape of the paisley motif resembling a unicellular organism called a paramecium. The species in this design are aquatic, including many free-floating plankton upon whom the health of all marine creatures, from fish fry to whales, depends. Phytoplankton are also of serious conservation concern - warming oceans have caused population declines of 40% since 1950.

Paisley Paramecium - Aqua

Paisley Paramecium - Olive

Paisley Paramecium Haeckel

Paisley Paramecium - Plum

Paisley Paramecium - Indigo

Paisley Paramecium - Pale Pink

Cactus Mexicanos Collection

This design is the culmination of several years Dr Susy Paisley spent living in, and besotted with, Mexico. It celebrates the incredible diversity of Mexican cacti. Mexico is one of the world's centre of endemism for this group of plants, and includes marvels like the Creeping Devil, a cactus in this design which actually moves across the desert floor! Cacti are enjoying a new popularity, but globally, one out of three cacti is in need of conservation attention. The design includes the Chisos Mountain hedgehog cactus, hallucinogenic Peyote, a critically endangered dragonfruit, which forms the long tendrils in the design, and lesser long-nosed bat (an essential pollinator for cacti) and the iconic saguaro and crested saguaro cacti.

Cactus Mexicanos - Dove

Cactus Mexicanos - Sangre

Cactus Mexicanos - Limon

Cactus Mexicanos - Carbon

Cactus Mexicanos - Turquoise

Cactus Mexicanos - Blush

The English Mercia Collection

The English Mercia collection is a tribute to one of the greatest conservation parables ever written, The Lorax by Dr Seuss. The designs are based on real species extant in England (in the realm of the ancient kingdom of Mercia) that relate to the imaginary species in the Lorax. The humming fish are represented by great crested newts, the precious truffula trees are clover flowers the playful barbaloots are the red squirrels, whilst the Lorax himself is the nightingale, pleading for the preservation of the ancient woodland. Ancient woodland is a critical conservation priority in England, as 98% of the centuries-old forest has been destroyed.  Learn more about this Award Wining Design

Mercia Vines - Cream

Mercia Ribbons - Duck Egg

Mercia Bees - Neutral

Mercia Vines - Slate

Mercia Ribbons - Earth

Mercia Bees - Deep Blue

Mercia Vines - Blue

Mercia Ribbons - Grass

Mercia Bees - Noon

The Carolina Tree of Life Collection

The Carolina Tree of Life, tells of the Carolinas in the American south, the home of Anne Newton Paisley, after whom the business was named. The flowing design features the extinct Carolina parakeet, the migratory Monarch butterfly - facing an urgent battle for survival - and carnivorous native plants such as the Venus fly trap. 

Carolina Parakeets - Cream

Carolina Posies - Cream

Carolina Posies - Sarsaparilla

Carolina Monarch - Cream

Carolina Parakeets - Prunus

Carolina Posies - Verdigris

Carolina Posies - Forest

Carolina Monarch - Prunus

Carolina Parakeets - Forest

Carolina Posies - Cornbread

Carolina Posies - Jade

Lewa Union Collection

This design is based at the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory in Kenya. This incredible place was a cattle ranch 40 years ago and has been transformed by the Craig family into one of the most successful private wildlife conservation initiatives in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a theme of myrmecophagous species that specialize in ants and termites. The species featured in this design include Jackson's hornbill, termite mounds, a young aardwolf, A mother Temnick's ground pangolin with her baby riding on her back, a colony of naked mole rats, a carpenter bee, and lucky beans tree, whistling thorn acacia (which has an incredible symbiosis with biting ants), and the full moon setting over Mount Kenya, as visible from Lewa.

Madidi Clouds Collection

The Andean spectacled bear, a mysterious and endangered species and inspiration for Paddington Bear, was the focus of my years of study in the Andean cloud forest of Bolivia's Madidi National Park. During long periods spent alone for my research, I became obsessed with the intricate patterns and colour around me. Lichens, thin-lipped frogs, hummingbirds and toucans, along with my bears, were the subjects of my detailed drawings, and have formed the basis of this design. 

Madidi Cream Large

Madidi Cream Medium

Madidi Hummingbirds Forest

Madidi Midnight Large

Madidi Hummingbirds Cream

Madidi Cream Medium

Madidi Hummingbirds Oxblood