We are delighted to send out samples of our printed linen. Fabric samples are £2 each and they can be ordered by adding to the cart from the designs below. They will be sent on their way to you as soon as possible.  Meterage or fabric can also be ordered on this page. Fabric will be sent as one length, and printing to order will take one to three weeks. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Alladale Highlands collection:

This new design was created as a bespoke design for the the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands, leader in rewiding movement, and recognised as Europe’s most eco-friendly hotel by the recent Boutique Hotel Awards. The design features endangered species such as white-tailed eagles, pearl-bordered fritillaries and Scottish wildcats, which Alladale is actually helping to breed. Other iconic elements include heather, Spear thistle, and black grouse. Handsome Dan, their most spectacular resident Red Deer also makes an appearance. A towering Caledonian pine is home to a pair of Scottish crossbills, the only British bird found nowhere else in the world. The Alladale River meanders through this rolling scenic design which builds upon the current passion in interiors for honouring the natural world. Available as wallpaper, printed linen and velvet.


Alladale in Equinox

Alladale in Dark Tweed

The Carolina Tree of Life collection:

The Carolina Tree of Life, tells of the Carolinas in the American south, the home of Anne Newton Paisley, after whom the business was named. The flowing design features the extinct Carolina parakeet, the migratory Monarch butterfly - facing an urgent battle for survival - and carnivorous native plants such as the Venus fly trap. 

Carolina Tree of Life

The Carolina Tree of Life print, above, is a large scale print available in Neutral, White and dark Prune background colourways. It is complimented by the following companion prints:

Carolina Parakeets - Prunus

Carolina Parakeets - Natural

Carolina Posies - Forest

Carolina Posies - Natural

Carolina Monarch - Natural

Carolina Parakeets - Cream

Car. Parakeets - Cornbread

Carolina Posies - Sarsaparilla

Carolina Posies - Jade

Carolina Monarch - Prunus

Carolina Parakeets - Forest

Carolina Posies - Verdigris

Carolina Posies - Cream

Carolina Posies - Cornbread

Carolina Monarch - Cream

Cactus Mexicanos Collection

This design is the culmination of several years Susy spent living in and in love with Mexico and a recent return trip this summer. It celebrates the incredible diversity of Mexican cacti. Mexico is one of the world's centre of endemism for this group of plants, and includes marvels like the Creeping Devil, a cactus in this design which actually moves across the desert floor! Cacti are enjoying a new popularity, but globally, one out of three cacti is in need of conservation attention.

Cactus Mexicanos

Cactus Mexicanos is offered in six colourways, as wallpaper and as printed linen. 

Cactus Mexicanos - Dove

Cactus Mexicanos - Blush

Cactus Mexicanos - Turquoise

Cactus Mexicanos - Sangre

Cactus Mexicanos - Limon

Cactus Mexicanos - Carbon

The English Mercia collection:

The English Mercia collection is a tribute to one of the greatest conservation parables ever written, The Lorax by Dr Seuss. The designs are based on real species extant in England (in the realm of the ancient kingdom of Mercia) that relate to the imaginary species in the Lorax. The humming fish are represented by great crested newts, the precious truffula trees are clover flowers the playful barbaloots are the red squirrels, whilst the Lorax himself is the nightingale, pleading for the preservation of the ancient woodland. Ancient woodland is a critical conservation priority in England, as 98% of the centuries-old forest has been destroyed.  Learn more about this Award Wining Design

English Mercia

This large scale English Mercia print above is available with background colourways of Neutral, White, Slate and Deep Blue. This main design is joined by the following complimentary prints:

Mercia Vines - Cream

Mercia Vines - Natural

Mercia Ribbons - Duck Egg

Mercia Bees - Cream

Mercia Vines - Deep Blue

Mercia Ribbons - Cloud

Mercia Ribbons - Cream

Mercia Bees - Noon

Mercia Vines - Verdigris

Mercia Ribbons - Grass

Mercia Bees - Natural

Mercia Bees - Deep Blue

Mercia Bees - Deep Blue

Madidi Clouds Collection

The Andean spectacled bear, a mysterious and endangered species and inspiration for Paddington Bear, was the focus of my years of study in the Andean cloud forest of Bolivia's Madidi National Park. During long periods spent alone for my research, I became obsessed with the intricate patterns and colour around me. Lichens, thin-lipped frogs, hummingbirds and toucans, along with my bears, were the subjects of my detailed drawings, and have formed the basis of this design. 

Madidi Clouds

Madidi Clouds is available in Natural, White and Midnight background colourways. It is offered as a very large print (full width repeat), and a large print (half width repeat).

Madidi Clouds - Medium - Midnight

Madidi Clouds - Large - Midnight

Madidi Hummingbird - Natural

Madidi Hummingbirds - Forest

Madidi Clouds - Medium - Natural

Madidi Clouds - Large - Natural

Madidi Hummingbird - Oxblood

Madidi Hummingbird - Cream

Madidi Clouds - Cream - Medium

Madidi Clouds - Large - Cream

Madidi Hummingbird - Natural

Heavy Linen - Clover

Heavy Linen - Chartreuse

Heavy Linen - Peacock

Heavy Linen - Rouge

Heavy Linen - Graphite

Heavy Linen - Magenta