Ochroma Wild Things Wallpaper


The Ochroma Wild Things design was done as a commission for the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour to help their scientists feel more connected to nature when they are away from “the field”. It attempts to evoke the environment on one of their research sites: Barro Colorado Island in Panama, with the water, islands and sky. The subject of this design is a remarkable phenomenon, studied by some their scientists, of multiple species of similarly sized mammals, as well as birds, reptiles and insects, exploiting the nectar of the Ochroma or balsa trees.

The scenic background repeat in panels: A, B, C, and D, such that the left edge of A would match with the right side of D, so that the pattern can repeat seamlessly one roll to the next.

The scenic design is itself unusual, but there is another unusual concept as well: in the foreground of each panel, we have a branching limb or tree, replete with leaves and buds and flowers and pods. This stylised tree is repeated on each of the four panels in almost an identical way. But each time it has different creatures occupying the branches and flowers and drinking at the ‘nectar bar’. Almost like a camera trap taking a series of images in one night. There are different colourways, referencing different nocturnal skies, as well one without colour in the sea and sky. 

This is an eco-friendly Fine gicleé digitally-printed “real” wallpaper. It is printed in the UK on a natural non-woven cellulose-based substrate made from recycled materials – recycled polyester (PET) fibre and recycled wood pulp. The production process is solvent free with minimal waste and energy inputs.

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Collection: Ochroma Wild Things

Scale: Large

Product code: 45

Colourway: Dawn Pink, Pre-Dawn Blue, Midnight Black, and Bright White

Wallpaper: The designs are printed on Uncoated Non-woven 147gsm.

Roll dimensions:137cm x 12m

Area: 16.44m2

These designs are made up of 4 panels: A, B, C and D. The left edge of A meets the right edge of D. The wallpapers can be started with the panel of your preference, then keeping in this order: for example, CDABCD. The four panels are each up to 3m tall (minimum  240cm) which corresponds to the height of the area you want to paper. The tree can be positioned at the height on the wall that you desire, as there is enough earth and sky to be trimmable, according to your preference (white horizontal lines below are only an example).


The first step should be to cut the roll horizontally, separating the panels. The second step is to remove the white edge vertically on at least one side of the design. This will allow pattern matching. Don’t worry about this being a rough cut, because both edges will be trimmed perfectly with the blade once they are in place on the wall.

Pattern repeat: Half drop

Vertical repeat: None

Fire rating: Fire certified for both Europe and the USA. Classified to BS En 13501-1-1:2002, class B, s1, d0

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 29.7 × 21.0 × 1.0 cm

Bright White, Dawn Pink, Midnight Black, Pre-Dawn Blue

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