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Cactus Mexicanos Limon
Cactus Mexicanos Limon
Cactus Mexicanos Limon Linen

This fabric is overstocked after an order was cancelled and is on sale with 25% off. This design celebrates the incredible diversity of Mexican cacti. It is the culmination of several years Dr Susy Paisley spent in Mexico, one of the world’s centre of endemism for this group of plants. It includes marvels like the Creeping Devil, a cactus in this design which actually moves across the desert floor! Cacti are enjoying a new popularity, but globally, one out of three cacti is in need of conservation attention. The design includes the Chisos Mountain hedgehog cactus, hallucinogenic Peyote, a critically endangered dragonfruit, which forms the long tendrils in the design, and lesser long-nosed bat (an essential pollinator for cacti) and the iconic saguaro and crested saguaro cacti.

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