We are delighted to offer the extra stock that we have here in the studio to you for 25% to 33% off the retail price. Please note: This offer only refers to products on this page that we have in stock. Some of the multiple rolls are from different batches and have tiny discrepancies in colour. If you are concerned about this, let us know and we can show you photos before you go through with the order. If there isn't enough for your project in the sale, you can buy the sale rolls and then supplement from the print-to-order. Linen listed is in one continuous length, but you can order less than the full amount. If you have any questions, please be in touch.

Noon Blue Mercia Bees Linen

Cactus Mexicanos - Carbon

Carolina Parakeets - Forest

Mercia Vines in Verdigris

Hummingbirds in Midnight

Lewa Union Wallpaper

Limon Cactus Linen

Hummingbirds Oxblood

Mercia Vines - Cream

Madidi Hummingbirds Forest

Mercai Ribbons - Duck Egg

Mercia Vines - Slate

Carolina Posies - Jade Stock

Mercia Vines - Blue

Madidi Hummingbirds Cream

Madidi Midnight Medium

Carolina Parakeets - Cream

Cactus Mexicanos Turquoise

Remnant Sale

We are making available some remnants of wallpaper which are suitable for small projects. They are sold at a much reduced price: £1 per 10 linear centimetres. They are sold as is, not in smaller portions. There are occasionally some full length rolls.

Humbirds - Forest - 580cm

Vines - Cream - 330cm

Posies - Cream - 735cm

Vines - Slate - 302cm

Humbird - Cream - 1000cm

Mad - Midnight - 934cm

Posies - Verdigris - 910cm