Anne MacVean

Australia |

The Fed Ex delivery and unwrapping the parcels was like Christmas!

Everything was so carefully wrapped and it all survived the trip.  It all looks beautiful, though I’m not unwrapping the wallpaper rolls until it’s time to hang them and I only had a peek at one end of the curtain fabric so it can stay carefully wrapped and protected until it’s time to have it made up.  The end I have seen looks just gorgeous!  And the tiles look more lovely than they did in the photos, which I suspected they might.  I love them, too, especially the special ones with the four-leaf clovers, and the box will be good to keep treasures in once the tiles are laid.  And the wildcat (to touch not bot a targ) is great too.  I was a tad afraid it might be a bit too fierce for my kitchen, but it’s just right.  It’s no cute little kitty, nor does it look too much the killing machine I know they also can be!  Many, many thanks for even attempting that tile, and for getting it just right.

I am SO glad that I found your website.  I spent days and days and days scrolling through sites from all over the world, looking for the right wallpapers for my house.  None that I saw were the right ones, even though some were very gorgeous and lovely.  But I knew that when I saw the right ones, I’d recognise them immediately.  It wasn’t until I remembered reading the World of Interiors magazine in the local library and thinking that the interiors there were more to my taste than were any in other magazines I’d seen, that I wondered if they had a directory of suppliers.  So I searched online, they did, and I went through the wallpaper suppliers alphabetically until I found yours.  Once there, I knew I’d found ‘my’ wallpaper and I didn’t need to look at whatever else was in the rest of N to Z!  The curtains and the tiles are just a wonderful bonus.  I’m glad you gave up being a scientist in the field to develop your range in time for my renovation, but very glad that you did that work in the first place.  That understanding is what shines through in your designs, and is what was lacking in so many that I looked at.